Orthot II

Orthot II, the new 3D puzzle game, is now complete and for sale!


Orthot II is a transport puzzle in discrete 3D space (Also Known Imprecisely As "voxels"). As such, it consists of a series of puzzle, with the goal of each being to travel to an exit point. Each puzzle consists of an arrangement of puzzle elements which interact with you and with each other. Some puzzles are small, some large, some are essentially mazes, and some are quite dynamic (requiring the formation of paths by moving blocks).

Orthot II is complete rewrite and partial redesign of its predecessor, "OrThought". In addition to the graphics overhaul, Orthot II features greatly improved sound, music, and a much better puzzle editor. Levels are no longer presented as a list which must be played in succession, but as a largely open zone which you may wander freely through (with puzzles entered by means of portals). There are also few barriers to be found (their purpose is direct new players to tutorial-oriented puzzles, rather than to impose an artificial structure on the game).